Cayendo Cuernos Ranch
Featured Property

3,204 +/- Acres
Duval County,
Price: $7,950,000

The Cayendo Cuernos Ranch is approximately 3,204+/- acres in one high-fenced pasture with a 6.2+/- acre DMP pen in place. Located on the ranch is a well-equipped headquarters for a family or corporate ranch retreat. The ranch has a good mixture of native brush species perfect for growing large deer. Tarancahuas Creek runs through the northeastern and eastern part of the ranch with large bull mesquite trees located along it.

The makeup of the Cayendo Cuernos Ranch provides an ideal high-fenced environment for deer, Scimitar Oryx, quail, turkey, dove and hog hunting. The ranch has all of the native brush species for growing large white tail deer. The ranch is under a MLDP permit with a management plan and protein feeding program that has been in place for over 15 years. This ranch has a larger herd of Scimitar Oryx, numbering in the 75+/- range. Several have been harvested through the years that are Gold quality SCI ranked.

Many miles of roads are in place to access the entire ranch. Water is important to a high-fenced ranch, and the ranch has 6 water wells with piped water throughout. The majority of the 18 hunting stations each have a blind, corn feeder and water trough. Scattered throughout the landscape are protein feeders that provide supplemental feed for the deer herd. Food plots are Ideally located, planted during the season to provide good deer and dove hunting. The ranch is nicely set up for quail hunting with strips cleared. Located along the southern boundary is an easement to a couple of land owners to the east.