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Kimble County, Texas
4008.00  Acres +/-

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Kerr County, Texas
2850  Acres +/-

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Sutton County, Texas
1505  Acres +/-

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Duval County, Texas
3204  Acres +/-

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Frio County, Texas
1436  Acres +/-

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Sutton County, Texas
525  Acres +/-


Welcome to The Texas Ranch Group.

    We at the Texas Ranch Group are a statewide network of independent farm and ranch real estate brokers. We are a group of highly skilled professional land experts in various types of properties across the state of Texas. As professional land experts, we specialize in selling rural land, recreational properties, hunting properties, and large tracts of land.
    The state of Texas comprises over 268,000 square miles of land area in 254 counties. Texas Ranch Group land professionals are the leading farm and ranch brokers active in each of these counties, and for decades have continued to represent a client''s property with trust, integrity, and a deeply profound knowledge of land values.
    There are over 14,000 real estate agents licensed in the state of Texas. Consequently, we realize that you have many choices, and we want to thank you for visiting our website.
    Whether you hunt, fish, farm, ranch, or simply wish to enjoy the lifestyle of country living, the Texas Ranch Group would like to help you live your dream.
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